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Sea of Faith is a network of groups and individuals who share the understanding that religions and religious faith are creations of the human imagination and explore together the implications of such an understanding for their moral, spiritual, and social values.

What is SOF?

SOF has no creed. It welcomes people from all faith and humanist communities, and those with no involvement in any organised religion. The membership reflects a range of experiential, intuitive and intellectual concerns.

Who we are

All human endeavours are, in their origins and development, products of time and place. The Sea of Faith Network is no exception. We must be continually reinventing ourselves. In valuing all traditions we seek to promote understanding of how we make sense and meaning in our lives, and how we may engage with the world problems of our time.

Why we do it

Within this informal network, in local groups or by personal contact, in national conferences, magazines and newsletters, mailings and through the Internet, members support each other, share their experiences, and explore the implications of their shared view of religion as a human creation.

What we do

These are autonomous bodies, some meeting monthly, some quarterly, some preferring open, unstructured discussion, others organising lectures, workshops and one-day events.

What do the groups do?

The Network took its name from a BBC television series The Sea of Faith, presented in 1984 by philosopher Don Cupitt, then Dean of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. The  series and the accompanying book drew their title from Matthew Arnold's poem, Dover Beach.

So why is it called Sea of Faith?

Most of us think of ourselves as seekers, seekers after knowledge, seekers after truth.

If our lives have purpose,

we would like to find it.

If life has meaning,

we would love to know what it is.

London Day Conference

Music and Religion

March 28th 2020

St John’s Waterloo

SOF Events


Materials intended for out-of school-hours religion and philosophy clubs for primary or secondary age students.



SOF has been holding Annual Conferences since 1987.

The next, in July 2020 at Leicester University, will be our 33rd.


After many years in a religious order, Dominic Kirkham describes how he was driven to meet the challenge of modern thinking.

Sea of Faith New Zealand

2019 Conference, 1 -2 November

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